DayBook is a social recommender system that allows conference attendees to program their conference schedule based on their interests, availability and networking interests.


Select your topics of interest from the list of topics arranged by the conference’s program committee.


Let the system know at what time will you be at the conference venue across all the conference dates and get a recommendation. DayBook retrieves only the presentations that match your interests at your available times.


DayBook’s recommendation can be fine-tuned by checking who is presenting and attending to each presentation. The list of potential attendees is updated on the fly as people subscribe or unsubscribe to the presentation.


Our workshop has the following goals

Study in what degree academic attendees are biased by popularity when choosing a presentation from an offered schedule?
Evaluate DayBook’s user interface

Confidentiality of data

The workshop organizers guarantee that the data collected will be kept confidential and will not be shared with third parties. The intended duration of the study is one year. After that time the dataset will be destroyed.
The app is not intended to advertise any organization.

Terms and Conditions

When you install the application and create an account we will collect your:
Conference registration ID
Presentations marked as “I will attend”

The data collected will be used to study how some data structures such as lists and the organization of items in the list affect people’s decisions. It will be also used to study the evolution of presentation’s popularity. Albeit we have done the best effort to develop a reliable application, DayBook is still a working prototype and it is susceptible to crash. We are not responsible for the lost of data in your device.
Developing team
Juan Salamanca
Universidad Icesi
Juan José González
Universidad Icesi

Héctor Mejía
Universidad Icesi
Mateo Ospina
Universidad Icesi