Juan Salamanca, Ph.D. Principal researcher                                       Contact

Interactive media professor and professional consultant for design research, branding, packaging, product development and art direction since 1995. He has lectured extensively on computer programming for artists and designers.

With a doctoral degree from the IIT Institute of Design in Chicago, USA, master studies in design direction at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy, and at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia,  Juan is currently conducting design research in the area of social interaction in augmented environments, specifically exploring how to design socially apt smart artifacts.

He regards social interaction as the ongoing adaptation of people’s intentions and actions, co-shaped by the action of not only people but also the action of smart artifacts within hybrid collectives. At organizational level, it means that in order to achieve communal goals, the social ability of smart artifacts is as relevant as people’s social skills. He has authored several articles and publications on various topics such as redefining users as participants, design by scenarios, mixed media navigation systems, practical computer vision techniques and creating physical interfaces for artistic purposes.

Juan developed the curriculum of the first undergrad interactive media program in Colombia, directing theoretical and methodological frameworks to more than 100 students. He began tenure as Assistant Professor and Head of Design Department at ICESI University since 2000.

Parallel to his work in academy and consultancy, he experiments with the aesthetics of media and computational creation.

Judith Gregory Ph.D. Research Adviser

Judith is the co-director of the EVoKE (Values in Design Lab) at University of California, Irvine. She has made impact in the worlds of design and informatics through several decades of experience as co-director of the Design Ph.D. program at IIT Institute of Design, faculty at the Institute of Informatics at University of Oslo, and as an honorary professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.